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Master your mind, master your life.


I am James McCourt, my mission is to guide you to a place of self acceptance, a place where you discover that no matter what your history is you can awaken to the realisation that who you are in this moment is far more powerful than what’s past or what’s still to come. I am here to guide you back to you, the real you.

Through participatory events I help people find their true authentic self.

"I attended James one day workshop in October and he delivers exactly what he says he will. I’m a hypnotherapist and found his workshop honest and refreshing because he gets right to the source. No fake nonsense or stroking your ego. It’s your job to listen and use what he gives you. For me as a person this day helped me let go of unnecessary stuff, professionally it was possibly the best supervision session I’ve ever experienced. I’m so glad that we met and that we both believe that we all have the choice to be the real version of ourselves. Thank you James and keep bringing out the diamonds. To your ongoing success"

Ally-Jayne Cordon
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"James presented twice at our Forever Success Day. It was emotional, relaxing and inspirational. His two sessions gave us sometime during the busy day to focus on ourselves, producing clarity and an epiphany or two. His relaxed style, enthusiasm and carefully chosen words were a fantastic tonic to the stresses and strains we all feel in daily life. His techniques have put me on my path - now just to start walking! Helen McCabe, Forever Business Owner, full-time Speech and Language Therapist with a hobby in stand-up comedy! Hx"

Helen McCable
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"I attended James' 5 day course at the beginning of April. To say it is life changing is an understatement!! You will see yourself as you never have before. I had a number of light bulb moments and realised done things that were bothering me that I didn't realise were and other things that I had buried deep for years. James says it as it as - so it's not an easy experience, and certainly not for avoiders,but it's worth every minute. Its never too late to make changes in your life - I'm 61 and I feel as though I'm starting all over again!! Thank you so much James for opening my eyes to so much - I'm looking forward to continuing my self improvement."

Lorraine Nichol
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