The James McCourt Personal Development academy is a series of online courses designed to be accessed when and wherever suits your lifestyle.


6 Week Course 

During this 6 week online course James will guide you through the process of self discovery and help you work through the issues in your life that are holding you back. The course will give you a step by step guide on how to gain control of your life and unlock our own power.


8 Week Course
Do you ever find yourself repeating the same negative relationship patterns? 
The first step of building healthy relationships with others starts with understanding the relationship you have with yourself. During this 8 week course James will help you discover the connection you know you truly deserve in all the relationships in in your life, from romantic through to professional. 

Become a Black Belt in Life

12 Week Course 
Discover the importance of being you by becoming a ‘Black Belt in Life.’ Throughout this 12 week course James will help you uncover the blocks from your past that will allow you to release the guilt, blame and judgement which until this point has stopped you reaching your full potential. James believes we all have our best self within us, self acceptance is the first step to releasing it.