My Story So Far

My Story

Looking back I can pinpoint the start of my anxiety to age 6, it started with the overwhelming need to fit in and be accepted which would continue into my adult life. 

From the outside it seemed I had it all, I was confident, I had plenty of friends and a good job, however, unknown to my family and friends I was fighting a silent battle with outside addictions that would lead to self destruction, depression, isolation and on two occasions threatened to take my life. During my darkest days I despaired at the hand I had been dealt, little did I know that my depression would become the gift that not only changed my life but also the lives of the thousands of people I have worked with through my events and 1 to 1 coaching.

My transition into self-development and spiritual awareness

I took the plunge and quit my job as a manager within the car industry to focus on coaching full time and to continue on my personal development journey. For me life coaching was the missing piece of the puzzle, the key that unlocked the door to release my true potential. 

In my line of work I have gained the reputation of ‘The Acceptance Guy:’ if you are willing to move past something that has held you back I can show you the way.