(Integrating healthier habits)  

Welcome to part 3 of this month’s lesson! It’s been amazing hearing of the shift when you change saying to yourself you need to do something and making it a want. Something I hope to drive home a lot with my lessons is the power of language. As I explained in the last lesson when you tell yourself something is a need when in truth you actually don’t need to do it, the connection to that word has a negative energy reaction within your body, however when you change the wording to a want to do this the energy reaction is positive, and the flowing energy is when you do things as a preference, that is when you’ve cracked it. 

Now that you’ve been more honest about your needs, wants and preferences, it’s time to start integrating better habits. When you take away a bad habit and you don’t find something to replace it with you’ll find your mind has too much spare time,  which can result in you talking yourself back into the old habit again, the key to making the full transformation work is to find something meaningful to focus on. 

Rejection leads to obsession. 

Obsession leads to habits. 

Habits lead to addictions. 

When you accept a new habit, that is when it is integrated, when you practice this new habit, it will in time become natural to you. 

Practical process. 

  1. Pick just one habit that you really want to integrate into your life, make sure this is something that when achieve will make you feel inspired to do more, really go for it. 
  1. Find at least 5 benefits that you will gain for yourself by obtaining this new habit and detail how it will also make you feel.  
  1. Find at least 5 drawbacks that you will have if you choose not to follow through with this new improved habit, and again detail how this will make you feel. 
  1. When the mind can view both sides of the habit, on one side you have the benefits and the other side the drawbacks, this creates leverage within the mind and makes it easier to make a choice. Most of the time we talk ourselves out of change because we either don’t fully see how good it can be or don’t warn ourselves of how bad things can be if we don’t follow through with the improved habit.  
  1. Make sure you create a celebration log with how you’ve progressed towards your new habit and if you slip up, also make sure you hold yourself accountable and get back on track immediately.  

The key to a good life is progress, each day practice being the person you want to become. 

Every habit that is more in alignment with your soul, is a step closer to your own self-acceptance. 

Spiritual Awareness

Good luck and please update the Facebook group and accountability ladder if you feel drawn to it as I love to read your comments.     

Enjoy this week’s lesson and remember to aim for progression, not perfection.

Can’t wait for the live coaching which will be 7.30pm UK time Wednesday via your subscribers closed group page. 

When you do all you can do …. The universe will reward you 

Love Your Coach