April 4th  – Road Map Back To You  Part 1 – Clearing emotions attached to lockdown 

Hi all, welcome to a new month and of course a brand-new lesson. The idea of this lesson is that we are in alignment with what’s going on in the external world, it doesn’t matter how advance or balanced a person becomes, the external world has an impact on us all, some just have learned to handle it better.

We have now passed the one-year point connected to COVID and certain lockdown measures, this platform isn’t about passing any judgment attached to what happened or what should have happened, as I’ve said in many of my lives there’s too much going on for anyone to be certain. The best gift I can give to serve you all is the gift of emotional clearing attached to connections that are weighing you down from this last year so that you feel fresh and recharged ready to attack your own road map back to your best self. 

Let’s get started, as there is nothing as precious as time.

The Practical Clearing Process. 

  1. You have made it this far – this is something I am so passionate about, that in truth no matter what’s happened in your past you have made it past it. For this exercise just focus on this last year, so much has happened and you have made it past it, and that is what’s known as 100 % truth because everything that has happened is now living in your past.     
  1. Nothing that’s past can be changed – again something that is so hard to get your head around but if you look at it logically, it is again 100 % truth. All that’s happened this last year can’t be changed, not one single part of it and what makes us suffer so much emotionally is that our mind makes us believe we can change what’s past, so we have this battle between the truth knowing things can’t be changed, and mind thinks it can do the impossible and the result is unneeded suffering. We have all been impacted over the last year and we all deserve some emotional release, you agree?  
  1. You do have the power to change how you feel about it – hopefully, at this point, your mind is thinking oh shit so all of last year I can’t actually change, and I have got past it and I suffer most not because it happened but more at some level that I have the unrealistic belief that I can change it, when in fact you can’t. The only thing anyone can do is change how they feel about it and move on making a choice that best serves where you are at at this moment, the goal isn’t even to feel good about it, the goal is to feel that holding yourself back because doesn’t help the past situations or yourself. 

Changing how you feel about what can’t be changed – ( 7 day process )

  1. Each day actively tell yourself that you have made it to this day and all that’s happened over the last year can’t be changed. 
  2. See what has happened as something that actually had to happen for reasons you don’t actually need to know why, just that it happened. 
  3. Tell yourself no matter what has passed this last year, good or bad, right or wrong, personally feeling bad about it only makes you suffer and stops you from having a positive impact on your future.
  4. Repeat to yourself daily – I am responsible for what I do moving forward and I choose to be emotionally attached to what is happening now, not attached to what can’t be changed.   
  5. I deserve to get myself back into living life, enjoying being free to reconnect with myself and the people I love. 
  6. I am grateful that the last year has taught me just how precious time and life are and no matter what has passed, it’s not worth not enjoying what is still to arrive. 
  7. Be the change you want to see.

Please keep in mind emotions are like a muscle, they don’t become strong after one rep, you must work it over and over again until it becomes your natural habit. 

Good luck and please update the Facebook group and accountability ladder if you feel drawn to as I love to read your comments.

Enjoy this week’s lesson and remember to aim for progression not perfection. 

Can’t wait for the live coaching which will be 7.30pm UK time Wednesday via your subscribers closed group page. 

When you do all you can do …. The universe will reward you.

Love Your Coach  

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