This week’s lesson will focus on setting goals, but with a bit of a difference. Often goals are set but not met, the reason for that is the ingredients don’t align with what’s required to make your goals a reality. To make sure a goal is met you must align your facts with the faith of achieving the goal, the facts are your set expectations and your faith is your created imagination towards the goal.

For example, you can have all the faith and self-created imagination you want, but it you don’t factually set the expectation and take action your goal is nothing more than a fantasy that ends up leaving you feeling worse. This is why most start goals, fail in the pursuit, then wish they never started as they now feel disheartened that they never achieved what they set up to do.

During this lesson I will show you the system I use that has helped me achieve so many of my personal goals.

First stage – Identification of your goals, if you don’t know what you want how do you ever expect to achieve it?

Let’s get something written down.

List 10 things you would like to achieve between now and the end of 2020. (end of the year goals)

List 10 things you would like to achieve between 2021 – 2023 (core goals)

List 10 things you would like to achieve between 2020 – 2030 (longer term goals)

Your goals should be a mixture of personal development goals, material goals, health goals and relationship goals.

Once you have your goals listed, pick 3 that’s the most important to you and follow the system I use to bring these goals into reality, and remember don’t look for something you don’t believe you can achieve, this isn’t wishing, this is creating.

Step 1. Take your first goal and write a brief note of how you would like it to be, for example, say you have a goal to lose some weight, the first stage would be to identify how much weight you want to lose over what period, so for example, I would to lose a stone over the next 6 weeks, this is my goal and that’s how I want it to be, clear and direct.

Step2. Next stage is setting the goal up clearly in your mind, I ask this question: If it were how I would like it to be and I have achieved this goal how will that make me feel? So on the goal of losing weight I would write a list of how I would feel, for example, I feel happier now I am at this weight, I feel more energetic, I feel proud of myself for reaching this target.

(as I’ve explained now that I’ve set the goal step 2 allows me to create the imagination of achieving it, this creates internal faith which is important to get yourself started).

Now we move onto building the expectations and facts around making the goal a reality.

Step 3. Now that I know my goal, I’ve identified my goal and I’ve created the imagination of achieving the goal, I now need how to get the work done, I ask myself this question: What changes do I need to make in my life and within myself to be the person who can factually make this goal happen? For example for losing the stone, I need to stop eating at 8pm at night, I need to cut out certain foods, I need to either attend a fitness class or do one in the house, walking, running, the list goes on but without a plan nothing is going to happen.

(now your goal isn’t just a wish, it’s on its way to becoming a reality)

Step 4. This is where I pull it altogether and know I am ready to go for it, I ask myself this question: What have I already done to know that I can achieve this goal? This is where I build past achievements to drive me towards achieving my goal, so on the weight loss, I would list all the things I’ve done before that have worked, building up more self believe towards achieving it. Then I am ready

This process works on all your goal, so to recap.

Set the goal, create the imagination of how the goal will feel, create a list of what needs done to achieve, then remind yourself of goals you’ve already achieved and get to work. In time this process will come naturally to you as your mind will be reprogrammed.

Let’s go and smash some goals.


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When you do all you can do …. The universe will reward you

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