Turning Denial into Pride

Welcome to your first weekly challenge, no matter where you are in life there are always things we put off, these things may seem small on the surface but our minds have to work very hard to justify why they haven’t been handled.

The things we deny burn away in the back of minds, left unhandled the mind will aim to justify why? Left to the unconscious mind it will create a story that often leaves you feeling unsatisfied and even though you may have achieved in other areas, not handling what you deny has a much heavier price than you may be aware of. Let’s work together this week to turn denial into self-pride.

Emotional and Mental Clarity

Starting from today carry out the following exercise.

  1. Clearly identify something that you know you are capable of handling but haven’t.
  2. Take a moment to still your mind and be aware of just how much your mind is at war over this denial (listen to the chatter)
  3. Be honest with yourself about how long you’ve allowed this not to be handled knowing that the longer we hold onto things the heavier they become.
  4. Using facts look at what you’ve been denying to yourself and make a commitment to handle it today (start with something small)
  5. Notice how quickly you feel a sense of pride for stepping up and handling what was until this moment was left unhandled.
  6. Each day focus on handling something else (don’t move on until achieved what you first set out to do)

Practical Improvements

  1. Following the same process above, pick something practical that you know by denying this it could have a negative impact on your life in the future.
  2. Every week I pick one thing that’s crept into my life that I know isn’t serving my highest good.
  3. Examples, maybe I’ve not been eating the right foods, drinking too much alcohol or coffee, the lists goes on.
  4. Acknowledge something that you know just isn’t for you, following the process above let’s start handling this from today.

Spiritual Awareness

I really love this quote from Ram Dass. During this week take at least 5 – 10 minutes out your day, focus on your breath and breathe deeply, after you finish the process write down whatever pops into your head, doing this as a practice allows you to connect deeper with your heart. When the mind slows down the heart begins to speak loudly.

I’d love to hear your insights.

What next?

Good luck! Please update the accountability ladder.

I can’t wait to see you for live coaching at 6.30pm UK time Thursday via your subscribers closed group page.

I am very proud of your efforts, the future you thanks you.

Your Coach James x